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Centrifugal Process Pumps

Salvatore Robushi RD / RG / RB / RC


Process pumps transfer of industrial products, chemicals, oils, slurries, corrosive products, dewatering.


Wastewater Application PDF


  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Closed, open, channel and vortex impellers
  • Vertical cantilever options
  • AISI 316 SS (CF8M) – G25 Cast Iron
  • On request: Duplex (SAF 2205 + SAF 2507) AISI 304L, SANICRO 28, Hastelloy, Monel, Durimet, Carpenter and other alloys on specification.
  • 14 sealing options
  • Lower cost close coupled option in cast 316 s/steel available
  • Flows to 2000m3/hr
  • Head to 140m
Country of Origin ~ ItalyBrand ~ Salvatore Robuschi

Wilo Thermal Pumps NESD/NESE/NFCH


High temperature heat transfer pumps for circulation of hot water and thermal oil.

  • Max water temperature 230 deg C
  • Max thermal oil temp 350 deg C
  • End suction single impeller pumps
  • ATEX version on request
  • External cooling devices not required
  • Max flow 1000 m3/hr
  • Max head 90m
Brand ~ Wilo
Country of Origin ~ France/Germany



Suitable for difficult to seal products, explosive products, dangerous chemicals, explosive products.

  • Wetted parts in stainless or chemical resistant linings
  • Max temp 205 deg C
  • Max flow 200 m3/hr
  • Max head 105m
  • Max system pressure 200 bar
  • ATEX option available
  • Low cost low flow series available
Brand ~ Verdermag
Country of Origin ~



Verderhus® screw centrifugal pumps combine the best features of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to define a new standard for low head, high flow pumping. Verderhus® pumps transfer your product gently and efficiently. The open impeller allows large solids to be easily pumped that reduces the risk of cavitation, which can cause serious damage to a pump and to the production process. A Verderhus pump will lower both energy use and ownership costs.

Suitable for pumping thick sludge in wastewater treatment, Macerated food waste, Sewage waste, Circulation of lime chemical, Paper pulp, Mining.

  • Clog free operation, reliability for your process
  • Highly efficient, low energy consumption
  • Solids pumping up to 13% of the flow volume
  • Low-shear, gentle pumping action, results in less damage to the product
  • Minimal wear, even with abrasive fluids, longest life time